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Hi, and welcome to the Odynet Webmail application (Squirrel Mail)

Although this is a very good Webmail interface, we do not recommend using this as your primary method of accessing your e-mail.
We strongly urge you to install and setup an e-mail client like MS-Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora to download your mail from the Odynet mailserver(s). (Instructions for setting up those programs can be found under the Support section of the Odynet web site)

The primary use for this Webmail interface is for checking your e-mail when you are away from your home or office computer system.
Please Note: Any mail (sent or received) left on the Odynet mailservers may be REMOVED AFTER A PERIOD OF 30 DAYS.
Excessive amounts of mail (greater than 50Meg) building up in your inbox or outbox will result in the mailbox being disabled.